Roger and Angie Wilcoxen are the founders of church at The Gate. Roger is the lead pastor and Angie leads Women’s Ministry. They have a passion for reaching every generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Roger’s favorite food is Cajun, and being from the south, he cannot live without his sweet tea. He is originally from Kentucky and enjoys; horses, the mountains, and truly anything outdoors. He also has a passion for writing articles and books. 

Angie’s enjoys breakfast foods, along with a good dark roast coffee. She is originally from Kansas City, MO. She is a middle school science teacher, and like her husband, enjoys the outdoors. Angie has a passion for women’s ministry.  

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Skip Crisp is an Assisting Pastor, and with his beautiful wife Amy, serve in our Kids and Youth at The Gate, alone with being co-founders.  Skip also serves as a Chaplain in prison ministry and one of the speakers on Family Sunday on the first of the month.

Skip’s favorite food is deer.  Skip enjoys hunting and fishing and anything outdoors.  

Any’s favorite food is steak.  Amy’s southern style sweat tea is famous among anyone liking sweat tea.

Skip and Amy can be contacted at

John and Tracy serve in our worship and sound department, along with being co-founders. They also serve as speakers at our Family Sunday on the first Sunday of the month.

John’s loves a good Hibachi restaurant and his go-to drink is Pepsi. He is from the mountains of Colorado and very outdoorsy.

Tracy’s favorite food is any type of chicken, and her go-to drink is coffee due to having a career in teaching. She loves the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Leah is following in her mommy’s footsteps with her love of chicken and her go-to drink is Dr. Pepper. She loves to play and be ornery with her daddy. Leah enjoys serving others. 

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